Reading Time: 3 days
[but admittedly, I started three weeks ago, read one day then didn’t pick it up again until yesterday.]

What I loved best: With each new adventure into Narnia comes new characters and creatures. Puddlegum was a great addition to the Children’s endeavors. (And with my current affinity for frogs, I loved his description which I believe to be part scarecrow, part frog). I also loved that Aslan kept showing the way, even when the characters were lost, or belligerent, or forgetful. He kept His patience, and continued to remind them of their important tasks.

The Lady and her magic are wonderfully displayed in Lewis’ description. As with the other Narnia tales, this story tells of one adventure from start to finish, but the little anecdotes and stories within the story make it a great read.

It portrays, as in real life, how hard it is to sometimes see Good vs. Evil: what you think is delightful turns out to be your downfall (remember Edmund’s desire for turkish delight in The Lion, The Witch and the Wardrobe?). It also has a great redeeming message that it’s never too late to do the Right Thing.

While most of the Narnia tales are somewhat predictable along the journey, this was a great book that had me guessing throughout the entire story of what I could trust by means of characters, settings, and even my own ideas. It’s definitely a great addition to the series.

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