You’re reading this on Tuesday. I’m writing this on Monday. And I’d love to wait until Tuesday to enjoy it with you, but I have to write in advance so it will post on time. Rest assured, my excitement in writing will only be amplified once these words become reality.

*Insert blissful sigh here…*

Today (your Today, Tuesday; not my today, Monday)… Today I’m getting an early (seriously early) birthday gift. Last year I bought my daughter a mighty fine camera as she aspires to study art and photography. And, as you’ve occasionally witnessed, she has a mighty fine eye for such things. And on the few opportunities I’ve had to use her camera, so do I.

I love this camera. I want this camera. I’m getting this camera. Okay, not hers. She’s keeping hers. I’m getting another one just like it. There’s a method to this madness: she is a natural photographer. I am not. Not. So, after 15 minutes of me trying to figure something out; I won’t have that urge to create an opening in the window or wall. I’ll just ask her for help. Dot’s Tutorials, at your service.

She’s looking forward to it, too. I told her that we can start going on photography expeditions together. You would think there isn’t much opportunity for that here in the desert…
But even a tumbleweed can look good if the camera is right. Dot’s also teaching me the beauty of microphotography: taking really upclose, detailed photos.

All this excites me. A new toy. A new activity on the Mommy-Daughter Date Options List. And new photos for my blog. For my company.

How. Awesome. Will. This. Be.

I can’t wait to take photos of the Coopers. Not to be a broken record, but Old Blue was around again! This time he surprised me. I took the garbage out and when I turned to go back into the house, he was sitting on the fence just watching me. It was great. I didn’t get Dot’s camera in time, but in the next few days I’ll have my own and you’ll have those photos you’ve been asking for. *Insert mutual smiley face here, right?!*

Tomorrow (my tomorrow, your today) should also bring a book I’ve long been waiting for. When I was in grade school, I always defaulted to borrowing this book from both the school and local libraries. I must have read it a hundred times over the course of four years. Since I grew up, I’ve been trying to find it again, but it’s no longer in print.

Enter Amazon. Amazing, Available, Amazon.
And tomorrow/today, I should finally once again be able to read this:

Since I had a small credit at Amazon, the book was free! And since I’ve kept up with my 2012 Reading List, I get a “freebie” read for February. I choose this one. It will take just one day. 24 wonderfully short, attention-grabbing mysteries steeped in the history of our country. And of course, it also means another Mojo Book Review. Can’t wait, can ya?

Today (my today, your yesterday) I’m trying my hand at making chocolate molds. That is, melting chocolates and pouring them into molds. I also want to make ganache and use it for truffles. I’m doing this for a variety of reasons. I have a cake decorating kit I bought last summer but have only used twice. I have melting chocolates that need melting. And I think nothing goes better on blogs than photographs of chocolate. Especially when the treats are homemade.

So starting tomorrow, er… today, I can start taking awesome photos of any and all kitchen creations.

I’m so stinkin’ excited.

Last night, or long ago and far away, I had no idea what I’d be blogging about this week. Now I have too many topics to keep track of. What a difference a day makes.

And Frankly, My Dear… that’s all she wrote!

Sick as a Cat. Dog. Cat.
Happy Birthday!
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