There are three of you I love like my own (well, one of you is). Each of you has enriched my life in ways you may never know. I’m blessed to be your mother, your friend, your partner in crime (or atleast, in writing about them).

I’m honored that you love me in return. That you share with me your families, your hopes, your dreams, your sorrows. We have goals. We have memories. We have fun. We work well together.

And there are times, oh so many times, that I pray for you. How I want to be a good example for you but I know sometimes I fail. Sometimes I’m immature and selfish. Sometimes I can’t give as much as I should, and sometimes I want it to be all about me.

But then I hear you’re hurting, and all I can do is cry for you, for your heartaches. And this is where I step up to the plate and offer what I have to give you: experience and (hopefully) wisdom.

In some way, each of you is suffering a broken heart. Maybe not completely; and not in the same way. Your hurts are yours. Your sorrows are individual, personal, and private. In real life, you put on a secure mask and you go through the automated functions of daily living. But something inside feels broken, damaged, or just out of sorts.

That’s okay. It’s okay to feel confused, and sad, and angry. It’s okay to wonder if your dreams will ever be reality.

But please … don’t live there. Don’t live in a fantasy land; holding out for something that might not happen, waiting for the Knight in Shining Armor to come rescue you. It’s okay to rescue yourself. It’s okay to be your own person. It’s okay to be You.

It’s okay to send yourself flowers to brighten your day. It’s okay to be disappointed and it’s okay to change your mind about what you thought you wanted in life. It’s okay to still want what you want, but don’t stop there. Don’t let the shadows throw you over. Don’t let the roadblocks stop you. Don’t dream so high that you lose sight of reality and forget to live.

There are many paths, many directions. And just because one isn’t working out the way you thought/hoped/planned… you can still get there. You can take a detour. You can take another path.

Just don’t stop.

Don’t stop believing that you’re worth everything. Everything. You’re worth attention. You’re worth flowers. You’re worth hugs and conversations and coffee dates and smiles and … everything that makes you, You.

You’re worth knowing. And sharing. And loving. And growing. And being.

And if I could make your life perfect, I would. But I’m not magical. I’m just me. I’ve been where you are. You may not think so. You may think you’re alone. You may think I’m just an Old Maid who hasn’t a clue. But you’re wrong. That’s okay, too.

Because whether you believe me or not, I’ve been there. And I’m still here.

For you.

Because I love you abundantly.

And no matter what,  no matter what, YOU are worth knowing. Just as you are. But I also know you’re still growing. And I really look forward to knowing the person you’re going to be.

I love you with a Mother’s Love. A Friend’s Fierceness. A passionate, loyal, do-anything, protective, Godly love. I love you. Abundantly. No matter what.

And I always will.

And Frankly, My Dear… that’s all she wrote!

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