Well, it’s the last week of March and here’s the rest of what we’ve been eating:

March 17th was Dot’s best friend’s birthday and we celebrated at the local bowling lanes. His family brought four kinds of Pizza Hut pizza, buffalo wings, soda, water, and cupcakes! Everything was taken in moderation, and we bowled off the calories as soon as we ate them.

18th: My birthday dinner at Mom’s! Corned beef, cabbage, and boiled vegetables along with bread rolls. And for desert, Chocolate Cherry Cake! It’s tradition!

19th: Leftovers.

20th: Dot took me to see George Clooney’s “The Descendants” at the dollar theatre, so we splurged and went through the drive-thru at Jack in the Box. I ordered a Chicken Pita Sandwich. It was delicious!

21st: Dot was at her grandparents for the day. She came home early enough for dinner so we ordered a $10 Pizza Hut box. It was too cheesy, not too warm, and so not fulfilling. More and more, I feel yucky when I don’t stick to the Homecooked Meal Plan.

22nd: We ate healthy snacks all day and met friends in the evening for the midnight showing of “The Hunger Games”. Dinner consisted of Starbucks, popcorn and jalapenos, and fruit snacks.

23rd: Not feeling too good after last night’s fare. Tonight’s Meal Memo called for Schwan’s Seasoned Stuffed Chicken Breasts. I also shredded lettuce for a plain salad, and toasted garlic bread in the oven. It was delicious, and I feel so much better after last week’s junk food bonanza!

24th: Since last night’s chicken was gone in one meal, today I made Hamburger Helper’s Stroganoff and just heated up a bag of frozen green beans. It was really delicious, and there’s plenty leftovers for tomorrow.

25th: Well, Dot ate her leftovers for lunch. But I had a late breakfast of scrambled eggs. So I had my leftovers for dinner.

26th: This morning’s Memo called for Potstickers on a bed of rice. I’ll be honest, I wasn’t thrilled. So we opted for the healthy chicken nugget bucket at McDonald’s… where they prompted screwed up my order again. That’ll teach me.

27th: Leftovers since we saw The Hunger Games again.

28th: Finally gonna make the Potstickers and rice tonight. It will be a yummy casual dinner.

That means we’ll have enough leftovers on this for the next two days, which finishes out the month of March.

I didn’t stick to the Jar Plan every day. And on the days I relied on fast food or whatever I could find, those days (and the next!), I felt pretty yucky. So I know I need to cook much more often. Even if it’s just little things. I also realized I put too many Memos in the Jar. Most of the meals offered leftovers that I didn’t originally account for. Which right now is a good thing, because that means I know have Meal Memos for April.

I’m going to change April’s schedule: I’ll put in the same amount of Meal Memos, but include “white” cards (blanks) for the days we decide to eat out or order pizza. I’ll make sure we only have one of these each week. That means six homecooked meals a week.

I’m feeling pretty good about that.

And Frankly, My Dear… that’s all she wrote!

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