I’m happy. I’m very happy!

I endeavored to beautify outside my house, and with cooperating weather and an assisting Mother [read: someone with more gardening experience than myself], I think it’s going to be a success.

I finally took the old pile of scallop bricks and cleaned them off of bugs and whatnot. This disturbed the yard lizards, as they lived between the bricks. I’m pretty sure they’re a little upset with me as they scurried back and forth today just waiting for me to stop wrecking their homes. Well, too bad, Longfellow! Too bad, Izzard! I was tired of looking at a cobwebby pile of brick like this:

And since we chopped down the tree last year, there’s been a stump in my front yard as well. So today, I took the brick and laid out a general idea for two flower beds. Last week I bought a canister of desert flower seeds: just sprinkle and water, and see what takes.

So now, instead of a stump and a pile of bricks, I have these:






This is my attempt at creative photography:

This is my Heavenly Bamboo that I planted a month ago. I took a new picture because I want to remember today.

I lowered the root ball for better protection. And had an encounter with the hugest black widow spider I’ve ever seen. Now, I’m used to seeing black widows out and about, but usually they’re either dead or dying, thanks to my monthly pest control guy. But today… apparently, she thought the opening at the bottom of the planter would make a good nursery and I didn’t discover the egg sac, or her, until after I fixed the Bamboo. As I was wiggling the planter back into place, she ran up the side. Of course, of course I screamed. More than just a little. Cuz this was one stinkin’ huge black widow. Complete with red hour glass. Talk about… well, ugly. Luckily, the Raid was within easy reach and after a few doses of aerosol poison and a beating with a big stick, Ms. Widow and her kids were no more. I conquered the Great Outdoors!

Yesterday I realized the lilacs were starting to bloom. They smell wonderful! I wish they lasted more than just a few weeks; and I wish they all bloomed at the same time.







Then, ta-da!, I finally hung the Topsy Turvy Tomato Grower. This is the finishing touch for today. I’m so very excited. We had some problems with the drill. I couldn’t get it to go more than a tiny bit into the hardened wood. It was really frustrating… until hours later (like, about 36), I realized we’d had it set on “reverse”. Yeah. That’s a conversation that ended in more than a few laughs!






I call him Fred. [I call everything “Fred”, but that’s another story..]

So. Yesterday nature came to my yard. And today I began to give back.

Now I just have to wait and see what happens. I’ll consider it a success if nothing dies in the first week.

And Frankly, My Dear… that’s all she wrote!

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