Sometime in the near future, Frankly, My Dear… will be unavailable for a few days.

Don’t cry! It’s okay! I promise! (And have I ever steered you wrong?)

I’m switching servers. Or, rather, my webmaster is. I don’t really much about all that mumbo jumbo. I have people to do this sort of thing for me. And currently they are working together to bring you a more streamlined blog reading experience.

Okay, yeah. That’s cheesy. And you prob’ly won’t even notice the difference. But I will. And that’s a good thing!

The bad thing is, when the transfer begins, it will take a few days to complete which means Frankly, My Dear… will go dark for a bit.

Just think of it as our own little way of helping out for Earth Day.

And Frankly, My Dear… that’s all she wrote!

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