As you read this, I am on a mini-break. A holiday. A retreat.

At the eleventh hour, I found myself the happy recipient of a pass to attend this year’s Women’s Retreat through my church. I’d been wanting, even praying, to go since they announced the theme in January: “On The Red Carpet”. I’m really looking forward to it. Learning more of how to hold to my Christian beliefs in the spotlight.

It seems so perfect for my writing partner and I. She’s going. She’s part of the committee so there was never any question about her attendance. But I couldn’t get my security deposit in on time, so I just sat back and prayed.

Just over a week ago, I filled out my registration form, and was placed on the Waiting List. The LONG waiting list. I was No. 47. I joked with my friends, “Well, we just need to pray that one person drops out and 46 others decide they have something else to do that weekend.”

And that’s exactly what happened at the eleventh hour.

Prayer works.

And I’m humbled and blessed beyond belief.

And Frankly, My Dear… that’s all she wrote!

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