I’m falling in love with apples. I can’t explain my newest obsession, except to state that that I’m just really falling in love with apples!

I just got back from Women’s Retreat with my church. It was a great weekend, as expected. And then something slightly awkward happened. During the final session, just before we left to go home, I ended up with some great writing ideas.

There I am, singing praise with my friends, and I’m struck with the overwhelming urge to write it out. I’m sure I was a bit distracting to those around me. It’s not unlike me to make small notes wherever I am, and that does include church. But these were no mere notes. By the time I was done (about five minutes), I’d hashed out four pages of scribbles.

What’s all this got to do with apples? Nothing more than I recently was talking with my friend Mary and had told her I love saying, “How do you like them apples?!” whenever something is going on but I can’t quite voice it. It could be a secret I have. It could just be that my thoughts aren’t connecting with the page. It’s also a shout-out to another great TV show, The West Wing. Character Amy Gardner (played by Mary-Louise Parker) was known for saying, “How do you like them apples?!” especially when trying to prove she’s right.

Since I’ve been watching my West Wing DVD’s lately, I’ve reacquainted myself with Amy and her go-getter attitude. And her phrase.

I mentioned this to Mary, and to my delight, she posted this photo for me on facebook:
Apples are great. And I was inspired to write about them in my scribbles this morning. But I was also inspired to keep their wholesome goodness to myself. At least for a while. At least until I can gather more material and make something quite substantial out of it.

You’re just gonna have to trust me. This is gonna be great. I promise.

So. You know I gotta ask:

How do you like them apples?!

And Frankly, My Dear… that’s all she wrote!

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