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This week we have a theme: Moms. Mothers. Mommas. Mommies. Madres.

In honor of the upcoming Mother’s Day celebrations this Sunday, link up whatever posts you have that give honor to these great women. Do you love your Mom? Are you a Mom? Neither, but know a Mom? Do you have a Mom story you want to share? Whatever you want to write about Moms, go ahead and link it up here.

Here’s my contribution:

The Top Twenty Reasons I Love My Mom

20. She makes the best egg salad ever.

19. She is an awesome grandma to my daughter.

18. She helped fix up my house before I even moved in by painting and cleaning with me.

17. She understands me when I just look at her without speaking.

16. She doesn’t get upset when I call her five times in half an hour.

15. She doesn’t get upset when I forget to call her about something important.

14. She lets me drive her around town while listening to my music.

13. She buys me awesome CD’s like Celtic Thunder and Andrea Bocelli.

12. She invites us over every time she tries a new recipe.

11. She’s not allergic to our cats.

10. She buys me a new Nutcracker every Christmas.

9. She likes my friends.

8. We have amazing talks about God and faith and the state of the world.

7. We have amazing laughs about everything else.

6. She introduced me to the written word.

5. She supports my creative career choice.

4. She contributed a lot to The Unemployment Cookbook.

3. She makes the best Chocolate Cherry Cake for everyone’s birthday.

2. Even though it’s really not her style, she tried watching “FLASHPOINT” just because it means so much to me.

And the Number One reason I love my Mom:

She puts on a pot of coffee for us to drink together and talk.

Every. Single. Day.

And Frankly, My Dear… that’s all she wrote!

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