It was a hard week for my People this week. One had a serious break-up. One lost a beloved pet. One lost a great-grandson. One marked the four-month anniversary of a death in the family.

And still others I know are continuing their own ongoing struggles. Family, health, finances, employment… and so many more aspects.

It seems that everyone I know ~ every one ~ is going through so much. Not just a little jostle, but a full-on battle to keep walking this tightrope of life.

And I’m at a loss for what to say to them. Individually, I want to run to them, hug and hold them and make it better. I want to be in the background cooking and cleaning for them so they can be on “automatic” and deal with what they need to deal with. I want to help.

And I don’t know how.

I want to build up walls and keep them all inside until they’re ready to face the world. I want to stop the world from hurting them.

I want to take their hurts away so they can have peaceful sleep. I want to fill them with comfort and joy and hope.

And for whatever reasons, I can’t. For whatever reasons, I can’t reach them. I can’t hold them. I can’t help them.

But I can tell them. I can cry for them.

My heart can break with them.

And trust me.

It is.

And Frankly, My Dear… that’s all she wrote!

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