“These Are a Few of My Favorite Things”

Dot’s friend is having an end-of-year sleepover for the Senior class girls tonight. It’s the first night I’m alone since last week. Since the Big Before and After Moment.

We’re doing okay. There have been some difficult moments, and some good ones. We’re going to be okay. We’re not there yet. But we know we will be. And just knowing that makes it okay to be where we are right now.

I’m taking advantage of this solitude by watching “The Sound of Music”. For some reason, I’ve been singing the songs all day. Mostly, I think, because last night I … read the rest. . .

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Happy Birthday, Megan!

You remember my writing partner, Megan, right?

Well, today’s her birthday! And of course I couldn’t let the day pass without publicly acknowledging what she means to me.

She is my Personal Barista

She understands Disney better than anyone else
She brings Lord of the Rings to the Table
(that is, the Writing Table… it really inspires her!)
She totally gets that I’m crazy enough about Narnia to make a room for it
She’s the other half of The New Inklings writing group.

She started her own blog to support me with mine…
The Fairest One of All

But she … read the rest. . .

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Lessons Learned: The Louie Edition

What I learned from The Boy:

1. Love always. Not matter what. Don’t let others tell you otherwise.

2. Smile like you have a secret, and people will want to talk to you.

3. Smile when you’re in trouble, and you won’t have consequences.

4. Play with your food… but only after you’ve eaten a lot of it.

5. Be honest. No matter what.

6. When it doubt, write it out.

7. Have fun. No matter what.

8. It’s okay to be sad, but never give up hope.

9. Dance. A lot.

10. Take pictures. A lot.

11. Take walks. … read the rest. . .

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