Five minutes. Here goes…

A big shout out to my friend Claudia. Without her I wouldn’t have known about this job opportunity that I’m waiting to hear about. My application was approved, my resume was accepted, I aced the written test better than I even thought I would, and I had the interview. Now they want me back on Monday for another, informal interview with the Supervisor. So it wasn’t the call I was hoping for, as they had originally said they’d call the selected applicant… but it’s still a good call because it’s not a rejection letter.

Speaking of rejection letters, I have done almost zero writing for three weeks and while I know there’s been very extenuating circumstances, I’m chomping at the bit to get back to it. Even though I can’t focus, I find the idea of writing again to be an enticing, soothing idea. I can’t wait to pick things back up in a day or two.

My mom’s house has been full of busyness for what seems like a week! She cleaned and cooked and prepped and the family gathered on Friday for Dot’s graduation. There weren’t too many of us, seven in all… but when you’re used to being just two or three, doubling that can lead to some fun conversations. Dot and I spent the better part of the last three days away from home, so this afternoon I excused myself from Mom’s and came back to my recliner, my cat, my laptop, and my remote control. Then the family filtered back to my house after a while. They had to… someone had to drive Dot home!

It’s finally summer around here. Lower 90’s and hot sun. My eggplant plant, green pepper plant, and hanging tomato plant are all dehydrated. Thankfully, things like that perk up with just one fresh watering. I’m going to buy Miracle-Gro feed for them tomorrow. Water just isn’t enough when it’s consistently scorching like this.

“But it’s a dry heat…” I get why people say that. 91 or 92 in the desert is easier to tolerate than 82 with 20% or more humidity. Heck, we get 5% humidity and bring out the umbrellas.

My flower beds that I seeded six weeks or so ago are still stemming, but finally tonight two of them began to bud eensy beensy tiny white flowers. It may be allysum or baby’s breath or neither. There’s a few more leaves starting to grow too, so I’m excited to see what’s going to come from them.

I watched The Sound of Music last week and you know how when you get a new DVD sometimes there’s a two-second blurb that wasn’t in the previous edition? Well, I got that! I’d had this DVD for about a year, but hadn’t watched it. I know the movie by heart, truly; so sometimes I think I don’t want to watch it. Truth is, every time I put it in, I get really excited. Anyway, I put it in last week, and I was astonished to see this two-second blurb where the Captain tells Maria, “I love you,” and wow! It stole my heart. I’ve always loved Christopher Plummer in this movie. And that little statement made it all new and fresh again! Bliss!

Well, five minutes are up. Here’s to a Happy June.

And Frankly, My Dear… that’s all she wrote!

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