Yup. That’s my girl.

My tiny baby.

The one I would die for.

The one I sacrifice for.

The one I’m proud of.

People tell me what a great job I’ve done.

All I did was drive her to school.

She did the rest.

She studied.

She attended.

She applied.

She worked.

She worked hard.

She did it.

She graduated.

And I am in awe of who I now see when I look at her.

She is no longer my baby.

She is a young lady.

She is tough.

She endures.

She reaches, and she grasps, and she completes.

And she is amazing.

She is no longer my baby.

She is now my baby who just Graduated.

And I’m so very stinkin’ proud.

And Frankly, My Dear… that’s all she wrote!

[PHOTO COURTESY OF Hayley Gillespie]

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