I made a few alterations to Frankly, My Dear… and I think it’s a much better fit now!

I’m so excited at the way things are going; and they’re just going to keep getting better. Last week the planets aligned to put me in a better attitude and from those events (which I’ll blog about later this week), a new self-confidence was born!

I’m always at my best when I’m writing. I mean, really writing. Not just making notes but really working on getting a project closer to being finished. In the last week, I’ve grabbed that bull by the horns and worked.

A few minor projects were slight changes to the Blog, and I’m hoping you’ll approve:

*I posted a new blog hop: BLOG*HELP*BLOG*HOP. The full title is HOW TO WRITE A BETTER BLOG: I have questions. You have answers. It’s an ongoing Blog Hop where I’m hoping other blog writers and readers will comment and link up their own questions, ideas, and information about writing a better blog.

*I put a BHBH badge on the sidebar of my blog, so no matter what post you’re reading, you can click the BHBH badge and it will take you directly to the original post. I’m kind of excited about this, because (a) I designed the Badge all by myself, which is a HUGE accomplishment, and (b) I’ve received some nice feedback on it. I know it take a while to get noticed, but I’m hoping others will find this to be a great source of information and ideas to make each blog uniquely individual and inviting!

*I have partnered with ZipList.com for my recipes. ZipList is an online recipe-sharing site that also provides you with a grocery list and meal planning options. It’s completely free. You should give them a try!

*This excites me, because when a reader clicks “print” or “save to my recipe box”, ZipList makes sure that the recipe credits back to Franky, My Dear… and New Inklings Press. Right now, I don’t have many recipes saved to ZipList, but I have used them to format some. I’m looking forward to providing more, for both my readers and ZipList users.

*There’s a ZipList badge on the sidebar. If you have a ZipList account, or if you just want to see what it’s all about, you can click the Badge and you’ll be taken to their website.

Those are the major changes to the Blog. I’m looking into ways to attract more readers and subscribers, and in the last month I’ve discovered that my Giveaways have garnered some great attention. I love planning Giveaways, but I’m not always sure what would be a great prize. I’ve won some great prizes: Scharffen Berger Baking Chocolates, a Le Creuset Utensil set, even a Kitchen Aid Blender! I’m looking into trying to get some great sponsors, but right now it’s Me, Myself, and I… and we’re not really sure what kinds of Giveaways you might be interested in. Feel free to offer up some suggestions!

*Each Wednesday through the following Tuesday I post the “What’s the Word?” Wednesdays, Blog Hop. It’s a place for people to comment and link up whatever they feel like talking about. Many thanks to Ann from Doodles and Jots for always linking up some of her great posts! If you haven’t checked out her website, I urge you to do so. She’s so very creative, and always has some wonderful suggestions for children’s books and arts.

*For the past two Mondays I’ve been posting a Weekly Theme: that one mantra I cling to through the next seven days to build on. Whether it be something creative, smart, inspiring, or just fun, I plan to have a new Theme every week.

Those are all the up-and-coming changes right now. But as I am ever changing, so will Frankly, My Dear… I hope you’ll enjoy the new directions, too.

And Frankly, My Dear… that’s all she wrote!

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