While watching ROYAL PAINS on the TV tonight, I asked Dot what I should write about on the Blog for tomorrow (which is this post you’re currently reading).

Here are her contributions:

*Interior Decorating: Sometimes it’s warm. Sometimes it’s cold. It feels like Starbucks.
*Marijuana. It’s illegal.
*Tissues. They can be used to wipe tears and blow noses. Multi-taskers.
*Applesauce. It’s like cottage cheese but fruity. Because it’s lumpy but tasty.
*Facebook. How young teenagers like to post about how they are married to each other. And girls. Like when girls say “they’re married” but they’re not.
*Kindle Fire: Mothers steal them.
*Lizzie Cat likes to sit on Dot’s stuff. Like the Kindle, iPhone, and dishes. Anything important.
*Why must tissue boxes be designed?

And then she just started rambling.

Needless to say… this post is so not a real post.

And Frankly, My Dear… that’s all she wrote!

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