Yup. I had an interview. A real, in-person, we-think-you-could-benefit-our-business job interview today. [I also had a call to join an insurance team about an hour’s drive from home and work for commission only… had to turn that one down. Darn.]

I had been referred to today’s Real Interviewer through mutual contacts. A year ago, I wouldn’t have considered it: part-time. Small office.

And today, it felt like a perfect fit. Because it’s a nice atmosphere. Because they’ve been in business for over a decade and are still growing. Because any job is better than no job. Because a pay check is still a paycheck. And because every little bit helps.

Whether or not I get the job, I’m glad I went to the interview, which was more of an informal get-to-know-you meeting. Mostly because I don’t get out much these days. Also because it was nice to see new faces. I love meeting people!

The office manager was encouraging. She was excited about the marketing/advertising background I naturally come by on my resume, through my blog and just because I’m a naturally chatty person (go figure!).

But the absolute best moment of this meeting was when she said, “I heard you’re a great writer and want to make sure this job wouldn’t get in the way of those goals.”

Uhm…. NO. I will gladly work for you part time until it turns into full time, and in the meantime I will continue to write and blog and write and cook and write and review and write. You’ll just be helping to pay the bills until the write check comes along.

But thanks for asking.

And Frankly, My Dear… that’s all she wrote!

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