It’s been a while since I’ve done my five mindless minutes of writing, so here I am.

Dot helped her best friend move into the Dorm at his college. They both start classes Monday. She has a four-year plan: get her AA at the community college, then transfer to the University for her BA and nursing degree. I’m so proud of her! And her friend’s studying to be a Marine Biologist. How incredibly brainy is that?! These “kids” amaze me.

We’re watching “Breakfast at Tiffany’s”. I do so love this movie. I love how Paul Varjak falls in love with her near the beginning, and she’s so tormented she doesn’t see it until he leaves her. And that music! “Moon River…” Ugh. Melts me every time.

I finally have a plan for the front yard, and I’m so very excited. Because as soon as the cooler fall and winter weather come around, I’ll be able to get started. First, I’m going to “uproot” the sprinkler lines and cap off the drip-lines that I don’t need. Then I’m going to pull out the two rose bushes, the five lilacs, and the Orange Blossom Shrub in the corner. Of course, I’ll rake and weed and level as I go along.

In the spring, I hope to be able to plant Skyrocket shrubs along the South fence, a cluster of sunflowers in the corner near the driveway, and a patch of grass where the front window flower bed currently is. Perhaps I can trim down the two trees also, or I might have them removed completely and put in something entirely new. I like Liquid Ambers or Chinese Pistache. Or even Olive trees. Those are lovely, too. I definitely want something that will add color to the yard. Right now the ground is consistently sandy and the the growth is consistently dull green.

Wherever I don’t plant anything, i hope to lay down some rockscape. I haven’t decided on the color yet. Something light and grey; or something that grabs the eye like woodchips or rusted brick. Decisions, decisions!

I wore a Baseball cap today. I rarely wear hats. In general because I used to keep my hair short like a shaggy pixie cut, and hats served no purpose but to make the ends stick out uncontrollably. Now that my hair is past my ears, I can pull it back in a clip or ponytail and it still hangs low beneath the hat. So I still look feminine. So I know it’s funny… but I wore a baseball hat today and it made me feel pretty. So I wore it all day long, and in fact, still have it on.

Well, my five minutes are up but not the movie. So farewell until we meet again. Paul Varjak is calling my name.

And Frankly, My Dear… that’s all she wrote!

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