As always, I’m writing this the night before it’s supposed to post. I do this because I like knowing when I wake up that it will already be posted. It makes me feel like I can mark something off the To Do List, and all I did was open my eyes.

I also like it because it gives me a few hours to let it simmer and if I discover I need to make a change, I can do so before it posts. Sometimes, not often, but sometimes, it also gives me the opportunity to put it on hold if I have an idea for a more pressing post.

Because I’m writing this on Tuesday night, I’m wondering how the world will be different when I wake up. The Republican National Convention is taking place. Southern California has been rocked by hundreds of earthquakes in the last three days. And Isaac has been upgraded to Hurricane status, threatening to make second landfall within the next fifteen minutes.

I’m hardpressed as to decide which is my most important news story tonight. Although Isaac is winning out. The Convention and the earthquakes I can continue to read about online or catch on headlines later. I’m watching Isaac and The Weather Channel live. It’s so very surreal. Especially because it’s seven years to the date of Hurricane Katrina, and because it’s my beloved N’awlins.

As much as I can fathom, I’m going to try for Sweet Dreams tonight, and hopefully the world won’t have changed too much by the time you read this.

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