1. Writing is different than being a Writer.
  2. Inspiration is everywhere. If you know a Writer, your story will be told. Somehow, somewhere, you will be immortalized in Story.
  3. To write well, it’s important to read.
  4. Reading well includes a variety of genres, sources, and methods.
  5. Social media can definitely be a form of writing.
  6. Social media can, but shouldn’t, be a distraction.
  7. Being a Writer includes studying, researching, and daydreaming.
  8. Writers do not vacation for long periods of time on sandy beaches or in cozy ski lodges.
  9. Writers dream about vacationing for long periods of time on sandy beaches or in cozy ski lodges.
  10. There are descriptive words, and then there are fragrant collections of letters that grow together to bring a scent of peace and adventure to the reader.
  11. A good Writer is a bit arrogant and narcissistic.
  12. A great Writer will never understand why they are great.
  13. A great Writer sees their potential more often than recognizing their success.
  14. Writers dream. Literally.
  15. And, Writers dream. Figuratively.
  16. Words are our friends.
  17. And words can be our worst enemy.
  18. Being a Writer can include Blogging.
  19. Some Blogs should never be posted.
  20. A Writer is only as good as their readers.
  21. Writers are eavesdroppers.
  22. Writers are voyeurs.
  23. Writers are Storytellers.
  24. Not all stories are written by Writers. Some stories take on a life of their own and write themselves.
  25. Characters can be unruly children and do what they want regardless of how they are meant to be written.
  26. Not all people who write are Writers.
  27. Some Writers learn their craft and do well.
  28. True Writers are born and share their life with the world.
  29. Real Writers are nothing without their Cheerleaders.

And Frankly, My Dear… that’s all she wrote!

Dear Michigan...
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