I’ve been having this craving for weeks now. Something sweet. Something other than chocolate. Something that lends itself to the Fall feeling that’s going around. Plus, I needed a reason to use my Wilton Harvest Mini Cutter Set.

Wilton Harvest Mini Cutters

This will go in my Semi-Homemade Recipe Box. These fun little shapes are flakey, sugary, and just the right amount of sweet.

After preheating the oven to 400, I rolled out one box of room-temperature premade pie crust (two rolls) onto wax paper. Setting them as close together as possible, I continued to use the Cutters to fill up the entire crust with shapes.

Close Cutters

When there was no more room for cutting, I gently lifted the extra crust from around the shapes. This can easily be balled and rolled for more cutting!

Crust Trimmings

The crust held itself together quite nicely as I transferred the shapes from the wax paper to my cookie sheets. Because these aren’t like cookies that spread, I again could place them close to each other.

Before Basting

In just a few minutes, I had them basted with melted butter and sprinkled with sugar and cinnamon. It took just seven minutes in the oven to crisp them, and five minutes to cool before they were ready.

Baked Goodies

And the clean up? How hard is it to throw away wax paper and clean a cookie sheet? Super easy, just in case you doubted yourself.

They may be tiny, but each bite is more than satisfying. Paired with my favorite cup of coffee, and it’s a most wonderful snack.

Snack Time

Goes Well With Coffee

This is a fun snack to make and nibble. I’m looking forward to using colored sprinkles on other shapes for Christmas. What kinds of shapes would you use?

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