We spent the day with the Second Family at one the great local attractions: Frazier’s U-Pick Pumpkin Patch.

It’s refreshing because there aren’t a lot of farms in the So Cal desert. We have to drive a distance to get to the Orchards. Entering the gates at Frazier’s is like entering a different climate.

The large fields offer quite the selection of pumpkins. It’s almost like a Dr. Seuss book: Big, Small, Short, Tall, One or Many, Take Them All.

Hanging Pumpkin


Through the Tall Grass

More Pumpkins!

This time of year, it’s a booming business. With their amazingly affordable selection, there are pumpkins for everyone.

Julie’s Pumpkins


It is, as their name states, a U-Pick patch. They grow the pumpkins on the vine and leave it to the customer to pluck them from the fields. Most of the time, they will cut them off the vine to make it easier for the younger children.

Hopie’s Find!

It’s free to enter and wander. There’s no structure or path. You can easily spend hours enjoying the fresh air, sunshine, and people-watching.

They have a mini-train tour that circles the fields. It makes several stops as the Engineer tells how the pumpkins are grown and how the Corn Maze is structured.

The Pumpkin Train

We saw some wonderful pumpkins that the girls wanted to share.

Dot’s Delight

Padme’s Perfect Pick

Eating the Cinderella

I adopted Fred.

I shall call him Fred, and he shall be my Pumpkin.

Then we bought tickets for the Corn Maze.

The Corn Maze is an annual Must-Do. Each year has a different layout. My two Un-Sons assured Dot and I that they could easily get us out. *Insert laugh-track here*.

Un-Son Number One says go Thatta-way!

But Little Man says, This-a way!

We finally split up, with Dot and Un-Son Number One going one way, as I let Little Man lead me to the exit.

Lost in the Corn Maze.

After we regrouped and headed out, we drove down the street to the Pizza Factory and earned back our calories.

Yumm with a Slice of Fun

The kids entertain themselves differently than when Julie and I were kids…

“Snape. Snape. Severus Snape.”

We’ll be carving our bigger pumpkins on Monday, and I can’t wait! Tomorrow (Sunday) we’re going to Un-Son Number One’s hockey game.

And now if you’ll excuse me, Fred and I are going to watch the Game. All I can say, since they beat my Beloved Yankees, is

“Let’s Go Tigers!”

And Frankly, My Dear… that’s all she wrote!

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