When you think of California and Waves, I’m pretty sure the last thing that comes to mind is ice. But when Un-Son Number One gets his skates on, that’s all that matters.

Ethan on Ice

You’ve often read about our Second Family. We do so much together. But there are some differences. I can’t get them to watch the Yankees unless there’s a bet, and they’re still working on over three years of teaching us about hockey.

I discovered something yesterday: if they had tried to teach me while at a live game, I would have learned much quicker. The tiny puck on a TV screen does not do justice to the Game.

Ethan plays Winger for the California Wave, an amateur hockey league that practices and holds their home games at theĀ Center Ice Arena in Ontario, CA. And yesterday, this proud Un-Mom got to watch him play!

I would love to tell you terms and plays. The truth is, I still know very little. I know a hat-trick means one player scores three times in the same game. And if the puck enters the net past the Goalie, even if it rebounds it’s still a goal.

The amateur league games are free to watch, which also makes it an even better family affair. Since warm air rises, we sat on the upper level and looked down on the ice. Julie, Jeff and Elisa had to suffer in the score box. Their bodies will chilled but the teams were hot!

Hockey is a very fast-paced game, and the score was 1-3 before I glimpsed the first goal. The action doesn’t just stay with the puck. There are players crashing each other into walls, the whoosh of skates slicing up clouds of icy dust, and burly tumbles all in pursuit of that little black disc.

Wave vs. OC Hockey

Chasing that Puck

Fight for the Goal


Third Quarter Start

It’s exciting, challenging, and over way too fast. Even though the Wave played well, The OC Hockey Club took the game at 5-7. A minor disappointment for such a great team.

I’m glad there’s another home game in two weeks.

In the meantime, I think I’ll do some light reading.

And Frankly, My Dear… that’s all she wrote!

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