There’s a whole lotta discussion going on by the time you read this, I’m sure. I’m writing this on Election Night and the results are not yet in. I’m excited to see what the morning will bring.

Regardless of whether or not you voted, and regardless of whether or not your chosen candidate won, I’m sure there’s both elation and disappointment.

I’m looking forward to a sense of continuance; of moving on from where we are. I believe that whoever wins this election, America will begin to regroup and, I hope, to come back together instead of being so derisive.

The Election Process disappoints me in two ways.

First, I’m in California. But before our polls even close, the race is called. It discourages people from voting after work hours.

Second, I don’t like the all-or-nothing Electoral Vote. I believe that if Candidate A receives 52% of the Popular Vote, he should receive 52% of the Electoral Vote. I cannot understand how, if any candidate receives the majority of the Popular Vote by a very small margin, the opposing candidate can win the election by a near-landslide. To me, that’s equivalent to giving someone a College Degree when they barely completed high school.

The Election Campaign disappoints me in one way.

There was much more mudslinging this year than ever before. Instead of focusing on real issues, each side seemed bent on pointing fingers at the other. It was disappointing, to say the least.

In any event, I’m hopeful we can get back to some sort of normalcy. It will be strange to not see political ads interrupting my television viewing. Oh, well. I’ll manage.

And Frankly, My Dear… that’s all she wrote!

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