Dot’s Birthday.

My beautiful, talented, shy, generous, gregarious, smart, amazing daughter turns 18 tomorrow. She’s not a baby, not a child. We are celebrating all weekend long with little things. Last night she chose to see the new James Bond movie. Knowing that she doesn’t care as much for Bond as I do. Knowing that there are other movies she also wants to see. She chose Bond.

I bought the tickets and the popcorn (junkfood hangover, anyone?), and we settled in. How fun it is to not be relegated to PG or teen-angst movies. To have her say, “It was so good! I had to keep reminding myself it’s just a movie!” How fun to watch a “grown-up” movie with my Grown-Up Daughter.


The winter winds blew old leaves out of my yard this week. I always say that’s God helping me rake the leaves, since I haven’t done it yet. But as I awoke this morning, still in bed I looked out my large window to see a steady rain of yellow and gold leaves whispering their way to the ground.

Dot’s facebook page is full of color as she captured the stunning images of her Grandmother’s Liquid Amber trees a few days ago. This last week of cold and last night’s freeze has brought the sudden onset of toe socks, heavy scarves, and yes… falling leaves.

Dot’s Fall

Veteran’s Day.

I’m so very proud of my Big Brother who served many years in the military. I’m so thankful for those who serve publicly and privately and in ways we will never know. For those behind the scenes, for those kinds of first responders. And for those who keep doing it, year after year after year. Because they do what they do, I can do what I do.



Driving home from the movie last night, we caught this year’s first glimpse of Christmas lights. Just a block and a half from home. Strands of white “icicle” lighting outlining a roof. How wonderful. How magical.

There’s something so intimate to me about Christmas lights. I can’t explain what it does to me or why. But I adore – no, I need – to see an abundance of Christmas lights this time of year. It’s a public showing that there’s hope. Hope for surprises. Hope for family. Hope for gatherings and happiness and fireplaces and hot cocoa… all the things that make this time of year so incredible. Christmas lights are a public announcement of all things good.

We don’t have outdoor Christmas lights. That’s just not something we’ve been able to get yet. But I still have hope. For surprises. Family. Gatherings. Happiness. Fireplaces. Hot cocoa. And oh, so much more!

Mission Inn’s Festival of Lights, Riverside, CA
[Photo Courtesy Hannah Realy]

When you drive past my house this year
Don’t be dismayed at my lack of holiday cheer.
You may not see it, but it’s here.
In our hearts, in our home.
And we’ll share it with you,

What does this weekend look like for you?

And Frankly, My Dear… that’s all she wrote!

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