I’ve been promoting my Kickstarter Campaign in various formats on various platforms. And I have to say, while it doesn’t look like I’ll reach my goal [although never-say-never; there’s over two weeks left (nudge, nudge!)], I’ve been having fun drafting the “commercial” and creating some photo art to help spread the word.

From a purely creative standpoint, I’m rather proud of the following efforts:

*I created a Facebook Event for my personal friends to check status updates.
*My YouTube video will be a basic commercial that I can use even after the Kickstarter Campaign ends.
*I’m discovering how to use social media to my benefit, without drowning my Friends and Followers in a barrage of BUYTHIS marketing.
*I pinned the Campaign to Pinterest with many hashtags. This was the creative result of realizing my most popular post resulted from a Pin. It was for a Wilton’s contest many months ago. But just in the past week it has blazed like a wildflower. I thought, if a Pin can do that for chocolate, it can do that for my Pre-Orders!

Mostly, I had fun putting this together:

Instagram Advertising

I like keeping my social media social. But every now and then, just for the Muse in me that’s screaming to get noticed… I gotta give my Inner Cook a shout-out.

We now return you to your regular scheduled program.

And Frankly, My Dear… that’s all she wrote!

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