TUC Funded!

I’m writing this at 10 o’clock Friday night. I’m also writing blind… that is, I’m writing without having been online for anything else.

What I know at this moment in time is that I am a Writer. An Editor. A publisher. And a Cook. And I know, from the snippets I can gleam, that my Cookbook Project exceeded my expectations.

I hadn’t realized until a few days ago, that the final hours would coincide with the end of my work-week. There are no personal phone or computer usages allowed at my Day Job. I’m fine with that: my Boss doesn’t pay me to be on Facebook. But that meant I could only “check in” intermittently.

Before work. At lunch. Bank run.

And then, when it came down to it, 5 o’clock arrived. I left work and took a deep breath as I pulled out my iPhone. I nearly squinted into darkness, afraid yet excited at what I might see.

There they were.

Messages. Texts. Emails. Facebook. Twitter. Notification after Notification after Notification. “Yay!” “Congratulations!” “Way to go!” About halfway through my scrolling list I saw it. From Kickstarter. “Congratulations!”

I don’t know where to start. I haven’t had time to sit down and focus. I still haven’t checked my emails or Facebook.

Right after work I had my yearly tax appointment. I made a short stop at Mom’s before heading over to my Bible Study. And now I’m home.

And while I want to read and respond to every ounce of communication, right now it’s more important for me to get this out there:


Thank you to Danny and Lisa who kept me sane this last week. To Jenn, Rachel and Shell who continued to share the Project with their own Blog readers. To Jordin from WinCo who found my Meal Plan post online and reached out. To Patty who prayed and promoted in ways I didn’t expect. To so many others who cheered, shared, supported, talked about, liked, or otherwise helped spread the word about this Project. Of course to my family for their unending support and prayers. But mostly, obviously, outstandingly, THANK YOU to my Backers.

You did this. You will soon be the proud owner of your very own copy of THE UNEMPLOYMENT COOKBOOK, SECOND EDITION.

And that just leaves a great taste in my mouth.

I couldn’t have done it without you.

And Frankly, My Dear… that’s all she wrote!

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