While I still have over two weeks to raise enough funds to publish A Study on the Ten Commandments, I’ve taken a second route to the same ultimate destination: the Study is now available for purchase for Amazon’s Kindle. [You can check it out here.]

I’m still working on a Barnes & Noble Nook version.

This path is more unique than anything I envisioned when I long ago knew I would be a Writer. In my childhood days, I drew stick figures named “Fred” on napkins, or scribbled notes on the margins of anything I could find.

I dreamed of one day submitting my work to a publishing house and after much trial and tribulation, finding that working formula that allowed them to say, “Yes. We like you.”

But that day hasn’t come. Because it doesn’t have to. I’ve dealt with the editor who wants to change my character’s speech pattern. I’ve received the necessary rejection letters.

And I opened my horizons to other avenues. The ultimate goal as a writer is to write. It’s necessary. It’s a daily activity that can’t be ignored or set aside. Writing calls to me as strongly as a spring flower reaches for the sun. It can’t be helped.

Being published, then, is a fine byproduct of those efforts. Self-publishing allows me to side-step the many sections of red tape and other interferences. I simply want to write, and write well.

I hope this doesn’t disappoint you.

And Frankly, My Dear… that’s all she wrote!

If you’d like to pre-order a printed copy of A Study on the Ten Commandments, click here.

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