Friday was “Bring Your Frog to Work” Day.

Okay. Not really. But it should have been. For me it was. Maybe I’ll start a trend. Yup. It’s already on my iPhone calendar. Every First Friday in May shall be “Bring Your Frog to Work Day”.

I had intended to spend my lunch hour at the Park behind my office, taking photos of flying hawks and scurrying ground squirrels. Instead, it evolved into me taking photos of Nippers every chance I got.

It started with him accepting his role. That is, being the Frog that I took to work today.

Nippers celebrates Bring Your Frog to Work Day.

Bring Your Frog to Work Day

When I won the monthly office contest, he helped me celebrate.

Nippers the Frog celebrates winning.

Red Robin…. yumm!

Then he joined me for lunch.

Frog stuffed animal looks over a plate of tacos from Jack in the Box.

Tacos and Frogs. Do they really go together?

Later in the afternoon, we did the daily bank- and mail-run for the office. He wanted to check our P.O. Box. Sadly, other than himself, it was empty.

Nippers the stuffed frog in our Post Office Box.

Postage Due?

Shortly after, it was time to wind up the work week and head home. But not for long – I won tickets to the local minor league baseball game for tonight. Nippers and I took Dot, my Second Daughter, and my Second-Second Daughter to see the High Desert Mavericks wallop the Lancaster Jethawks. It was quite the game! Back and forth, strike outs, errors, runs, outs… it was intense! And oh, so fun.

My stuffed frog photo bombed this picture of Stater Bros. Stadium.

Nippers at Stater Bros. Stadium. My little photo-bombing frog.

Nippers and the High Desert Mavericks.

Mavericks Warming Up

After a while, the girls and I got hungry. Every Friday home game is Family Feast Night: hot dogs and sodas for just a dollar each! Nippers certainly likes his foods…

My stuffed frog Nippers, a hot dog and can of Pepsi.

Ballpark Food. Yummm!

In keeping with my Luck lately, halfway through the second inning, a Mavericks staffer walked by and handed everyone a card. Okay, sure. Everyone got one. But if I hadn’t won the game tickets, I wouldn’t have been present to get this ticket. Am I right?!

Nippers and his free bowling ticket.

Bowling, anyone?

And then of course it was time to document the humans. My Second Daughter Elisa Jo took this wonderful photo of all of us.

Family Game Night and Girls' Night Out: High Desert Mavericks at Stater Bros. Stadium.

A new kind of Family Game Night.

We sang the Seventh Inning Stretch. We sang “Sweet Caroline”. We ate dollar hot dogs and drank ballpark beer (well, two of us did!). We freaked out, multiple times, when a moth the size of Calcutta decided it really loved Dot and Elisa Jo. And we were laughed at, often, by those around us who experienced our girlish screams.

Would we do it again? Quicker than you can say, “Yes!”

The Mavericks won. It was a wonderful game. Not slow and draggy as some baseball games are. At first it seems the Mavs had no kick and were gonna go down without a fight. But by the third inning they snapped to and gave the Lancaster Jethawks a run for their money! In the end, the Mavs won 7-9.

Friday’s over. “Bring Your Frog to Work” Day is done. But the memories of this nearly perfect day will remain. Can a frog bring you luck? I’m pretty sure mine can. Does. Has.

And Frankly, My Dear… that’s all she wrote!

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