This Mother’s Day Weekend, I took my family to a different sort of outing.

Hesperia Police DepartmentThe Hesperia Station Activities Committee is a support group for our local Police Department. Consisting of officer’s spouses and significant others, this group takes on the burdens behind the scenes. They’re quick to support families of police officers and not just in difficult times. They gather together to show their common bonds when an officer retires or has a baby. They raise funds to help with family-based social events throughout the year. They draw attention to the lesser known side of being a cop’s family. They encourage each other. And they share themselves with the community. The monies they raise through this breakfast will help when an officer’s family member is sick or injured. Who hasn’t had a kid in the ER at least once in their life? What happens when an officer is involved in a major investigation and can’t make it home? The HSAC is there. There are so many ways that supporting an officer’s family is just as important as supporting the work he or she does.

This year, the Committee sponsored a public Mother’s Day Pancake Breakfast. At just $6 per ticket, it’s far cheaper than the larger school-based fundraiser breakfasts or even the Buy-One-Get-One-Free coupon books offered throughout the year.

Hesperia Station Activities Community Pancake Breakfast TicketsSo it was an obvious no-brainer for me to treat Dot and her two grandmothers. Full breakfast. Four people. $24.00. Yeah. That’s a good investment. When was the last time you ate such a hearty breakfast for so little? I mean the kind that didn’t come wrapped in waxy paper or served in a cardboard box?

Pancakes, Sausage, Orange Juice and CoffeeJust look at this tasty abundance! And *BONUS* it was all you could eat. How fantastic is that? The Maple Syrup was exceptionally flavorful, as well. I’m nearly certain they brought it in from New England just for this. It was an event worth writing home to Mom about.
Cup of Maple Syrup

The entire experience welcomed us with a feeling of importance, of being deliciously pampered. Sure, it’s not the Ritz. There weren’t fancy tablecloths and fine china. But for $6, did you think it would be? The point is, it was still a great breakfast that not only fed us but will enable the Activities Committee to offer support throughout the year to officers and their families. However they need it.

There were no dishes to clean up. We didn’t have to watch the clock or the stove. We met new people. We spent the morning with great food and great company, for a great cause. Three of my favorite reasons to live combined to make this the perfect morning. We were given the opportunity to relax, be fed, be social, and support the ones who support the ones who protect our neighborhood.

For all they do for us, it’s the least we could do for them.

And celebrating the family Matriarchs as part of the deal? Well, that’s just icing on the cake!

[Support your local officers and their families. Contact your local police, sheriff, and fire departments to find out information on supporting their community events and how you can volunteer to help behind the scenes. It’s what they do that make it possible for you to safely do what you do. So let them know. And tell their Mommies “thanks!” for raising such fine men and women!]

And Frankly, My Dear… that’s all she wrote!

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