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There was no doubt that this had to be another TGIF post. Because as I write this, I am so very thankful.

I’ve been blessed to be able to share my Penny Parable with more people than I imagined. I continue to find pennies every day, and I’m so thankful when I do. Some are found at home, some in my car. Some are tiny savings in my checkbook. At the end of the week, 7 cents adds up. And since posting the Parable, I’ve been finding far more than just 7 a week. It makes it worth it: that positive outlook, the hope that even the smallest thing can bring magic and miracles to a day.

Two pennies on wood desk. The Penny Parable by Molly Jo Realy.

Penny, Penny

As I’m teaching myself with my yard work, there has to be a starting point. A beginning. And eventually, little things add up to big things. Or, as my friend Danny likes to quote from Bruce Springsteen, “From small things, Mama, big things one day come.”

Pennies in a jar.

My Penny Jar

I have long-range goals and short-term projects. But I’m understanding that nothing gets done until the first step is stepped.

Over a year ago, one of my closest friends was searching for a new job. He’d heard of a few colleagues who were receiving interview after interview after interview… but he wasn’t. He was frustrated. We prayed for him and his family. Dot and I prayed for direction, answers, openings. And God heard us. He said, “Why does he want so many interviews? He only needs one.” Of course, God was right. And shortly thereafter, that one right interview came.

I have many writing projects in the works. I always will. As a writer, I can’t write just one story without formulating more. I’ve never heard of any writer who can. But I have a schedule now, a plan. Each day I focus on one writing task. Mondays I work on my assignments for the Institute of Children’s Literature. On Thursdays, it’s all about The Grenalia Chronicles with Megan. Sundays are when I catch up on my Trekaroo reviews. See? Many projects. But each day, one focus.

Ekphrastic Poetry of Van Gogh's Terrace of the Cafe at Night

Terrace of the Cafe at Night

The most complex recipe begins with one ingredient. All books start with one word. When one day is too long, clocks tick one second at a time. The sun rises one inch at a time.

Rainbow sunrise through trees.

First Morning

Movies are filmed one frame at a time.

And blessings overflow… one at a time.

This weekend we get to see family we don’t see regularly. My Big Brother and his family are coming to visit. How appropriate that he’s the first-born. I can’t wait to spend time with them all!

Today, I’m thankful for one more second with family. One more penny in my wallet. One more word to write, hug to share, smile to give, moment to just breathe.

One more blessing to count.

Today, I’m thankful. One more time.

And Frankly, My Dear… that’s all she wrote!

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