You know that old phrase, “When life throws you lemons, make lemonade”?



I’m not sure who coined that phrase, but I’m pretty sure he must have been pelted by a few lemons when he said it.

But then he probably made enough lemonade that the throwers decided it wasn’t all bad and they probably drank some of it.

Everything works out in the end, yah?

I’m in between the getting-hit-by-lemons and making-lemonade-out-of-it stages.

Babycakes, my precious MacBook Pro of over eight years, is beginning to fail me. She no longer has the software or capacity needed to do what I need her to do for my social media clients and my writing/editing.

She overheats more than she used to, and it ain’t the California desert that’s doing it to her.

And you thought I wasn’t blogging just because I was too busy. I’m never too busy for you, my Swarm!

But Babycakes, well, I have to be gentle with her. Gone are the days of easy newslettering, fast posts, and faster photos.

And I don’t mind telling you, business has picked up since Blue Ridge. I can’t afford to have my computer slow down.

So after much prayer, and nudges from several people unaware (“You should start a GoFundMe!”), here I am.

I’ve made a list, ran the numbers, and I think I’ve come up with a decent game plan.

My goal is incremental:

  1. Replace laptop
  2. Purchase external optical drive
  3. Purchase office software
  4. Replace mic/headphones
  5. Purchase carrying case/backpack
  6. Purchase protective sleeve/skin

In just four days, I’m nearly 25% funded, which is very exciting. It’s so exciting, in fact, that I want to give something back.

But what to do?

Lo and behold, my Swarm has the answer. What would I use a laptop for? Writing, editing, social media, and photography.

How would you like a sampling of all of the above?

You would? That’s awesome!

NOLA, Chapter One and Other Writings

NOLA, Chapter One and Other Writings

I just put together a 64-page digital download that includes

  • NOLA, Chapter 1
  • Four short stories
  • Ninja Bee Social Media Tips
  • Two poems on Faith
  • Three recipes from The Unemployment Cookbook
  • A dissection of Jeremiah 29:11, NIV
  • A few photos
  • My thank you letter

This is a free offering to everyone who donates to my Molly Needs a Mac campaign.

Here’s the kicker. I just spent a good two hours inserting hyperlinks into the document and saving it, only to find my Word software isn’t updated and the links won’t work. There’s no small irony in the fact it’s 2:30 am PST and I’ve been working on the download and this blog post for over six hours. Which just proves my point that I need a new computer as soon as possible.

If you would like to receive your free copy of NOLA, Chapter One and Other Writings, just visit my GoFundMe campaign and make a donation of any amount. Once I receive notice of your donation, I’ll email you the PDF within 24 hours.

And please share this post and the campaign with anyone you think might enjoy a good read.

With warm wishes and cold sweet tea,

~Molly Jo

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