After my peeps joined my campaign to bring Raven to Bedford Manor [Translation: When my family and friends supported my fundraiser to buy a new laptop], I was approached by several friends and associates who asked for advice on crowdfunding.

Now, before I get into all that, I need to let y’all in on a not-so-secret. I’ve been pursuing knowledge this year like never before. I’ve attended conferences, used Google like a best friend, and sought information from anyone willing to share it.

And I’ve learned that I’ve already learned a lot. It’s time to use my knowledge. It’s time to grow.

I’m a writer, right? So what’s This Girl to do with some of this wisdom, but, well, write it out? I know, bet ya didn’t see that one coming, did ya? [*insert snarky comment here*]

In a mutually beneficial effort to not only get my Social Media Ninja name out there, and to help others, I published a new Kindle booklet: Crowdfunding Your Way to Success.

I did this because my most recent crowdfunding campaign, Molly Needs A Mac, was so successful and I want to help others exceed their goals and needs. It’s also my second completed project on my new Mac (the first was setting up and producing last week’s Firsts In Fiction Podcast). See? I told y’all I’d continue to strive to be worthy of your investment.

So if you’re thinking of crowdfunding your next creative endeavor, you’ll find some helpful tips in my new Kindle booklet. Just click on the photo for the link.

Crowdfunding Your Way to Success by Molly Jo Realy

Crowdfunding Your Way to Success by Molly Jo Realy

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