Cooking. Crafting. Scheduling. Podcasting. Editing. TV fall premieres.

Everything but writing.

That’s what’s had my focus lately. That, and Paradise Bay’s Tradefest.

Tradefest Level Seven, baby!

Tradefest Level Seven, baby!


Oh, like y’all don’t play games on your phone! Get over it!





Here it is, mid-November. Say whaat? Is that even real? Didn’t we just start this year? And yet, I know that can’t be true because I’m getting ready to put up my Christmas tree this weekend working on next year’s award-winning media presentations already.

More Media Mojo!

More Media Mojo!

In case you missed it, I’ve been back in touch with Winco. Yes, that Winco. The Winco of my food post dreams. Guess who’s on the list to create some fantastic new (or at least revamped) recipes? Yup, that’s right. That would be This Girl.

And I have some new budgeting tips for my overcoming debt posts. A few editing projects just completed, and a few more lined up for the new year. I thought I told you all this already, yes? No? Oh, honestly, dear. We simply must start getting together more often, shouldn’t we?

It really all stems from my word for next year. Which I can’t tell you yet, because it’s not next year. I can tell you, I didn’t seek it. It found me. Here I was, writing feverishly editing intensely watching MacGyver when I realized what was needed was a change-not-change. How’s that for a tease, a hook, a keep-’em-coming-back-for-more statement?

Did I mention I have plans to blog far more frequently than the current, soon to be previous, year? Will that make you happy?

Because, after all, if you’re happy, I’m happy. Aww, we work well together, yes?

We’re talking some sweet Scarlett O’Hara stuff. A regalia of recipes. A plethora of podcast posts. I double-dog dare you to say any of those five times fast.

Oh, and did I tell you I have the ending to NOLA all figured out? Guess what I’ll be doing the next six weeks . . . ! [By the way, for a sneak peek, check out the video on the top right corner of this blog page. Turn up the volume and watch my YouTube video: Meet Momma Tristan.]

So buckle your seatbelts, love. This Girl’s getting back in the driver’s seat.

How do you like them apples?

"Give them a reason to care about you. Then they'll care about what you write." ~ Molly Jo Realy

“Give them a reason to care about you. Then they’ll care about what you write.” ~ Molly Jo Realy

With an open book and a mug of sweet tea,

And Frankly, My Dear . . . That’s all she wrote!



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