Remember when this happened, the first time?

Baseball on Pitcher's Mound. Frankly My Dear, If You Build It, They Will Come.

Field of Dreams

And how my love for all things baseball and community and movie quotes blended together to restructure FMD some years ago?

Well, folks. That paint is peeling. So guess what.

Are y’all ready for this?

All those old adages keep circling through my mind.

“The more things change, the more they stay the same.”

Hey, guys. Here’s the deal. I’m so stinkin’ excited (and it’s so stinkin’ late) I can’t concentrate.

So here’s another deal. Things are changing. But they’re staying the same.

Pretty soon you’re gonna see a new layout here at FMD. Also over at NIP. Nothing dramatic. Just some cleaning up. Just some updates and maybe a few layout changes. I’m tossing out the old posts. You know, the very first ones. The ones that don’t have much to do with anything except me spilling the milk in public. Yeah. Let’s not do that any more, okay? What remains will be the good posts. The ones where I actually say something. The ones y’all want to read.

Frankly, My Dear and New Inklings Press will still be who they are. Just updated. With a whole new upper management: Me.

MJR- Molly Jo Realy

MJR- Molly Jo Realy

I liken it to moving an existing business to a newer office. The work is the same. The management is the same. But the ambiance is oh so much better.

The reason? There’s a new site on web, my friends. A new sweet to my tea. A new kid on the block, and I don’t mean Wahlberg.

That’s right. This Girl is now a brand. A name-turned-whatever-it-is. This Girl is now a website.

MJR Website

MJR Website

Check out those colors. You know this already, but that there my friends is some Tiffany Blue, and orange poppy. Like Wizard of Oz type poppies. How smashing is this?

And at 2pm PST today, I’m hosting a website launch party over on Facebook.

Visit my new site at Molly Jo Realy: Here’s where it gets real.

Join the fun. It’s just beginning.

And Frankly, My Dear . . . that’s all she wrote!




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