by Molly Jo Realy @MollyJoRealy

Funerals and planes.

Yeaaahhhhh. We’re back to this again. But hold on! It’s a good thing. Honest! You know how sometimes the planets align or the flaming arrow flies through the rings or [okay, insert your own #itsasign metaphor here]? Well, that’s been happening.

First, it was about what was inside of me bubbling up, or as Caleb (affectionately known as John-Boy) and I like to toast with our sparkling ciders, “Effervesce, baby!”

But this week, it’s been about the arrows pointing at me. Not like painful arrows, although yeah. There’s been a few of those and I really wouldn’t mind if they shifted direction any second now. No, I mean the “Here’s Your Sign!” arrows. The “OMG! Would you puh-leease wake up and pay attention!” arrows. Yeah. Those arrows.

Frankly, My Dear . . . : That One Time I Remembered I'm a Writer

Frankly, My Dear . . . : That One Time I Remembered I’m a Writer

This week, I’ve been bombarded with an abundance of encouragement from those who mean most to me. Okay, yes, I kind of begged for it from a few of you. I’m sorry I whined and acted a little, uhm, young. [Don’t ask. You know who you are. Just move on.]

But there was a great portion of my peeps who just stepped up on their own. And these words came out of their mouths. Things like, “When are you gonna publish?” “How’s the writing going?” “What’s happening with NOLA?” So, like a reed when the wind stops, I snapped to attention. Yup. That’s right. This Girl has decided to write no matter what.

And ~ wait for it ~ the winds are pushing me to self publish.

I know. I know. That’s not really a surprise. I mean, I talk about it often enough. I created New Inklings Press for such a purpose. But still. There was this pull to get a traditional book deal. And a few days ago, the winds shifted [Again with the winds? Hey, I am the Bohemian Hurricane, so, yes.] and it became very apparent to my Swarm that self publishing is where I’m headed.

Imagine, in just a few months NOLA could be a real thing.

#nopressure, right? Riiiight.

So. I’m sitting here listening to Bread sing “Make It With You”, reworking NOLA, and believing that through the heartache of feeling, shall we say in our most dramatic Southern writer charm, abandoned, there really is a purpose behind everything. Even the painful moments. Ah, now the playlist has shifted to Hunter Hayes’ “Storm Warning.” [Y’all gotta watch his video here: Hunter Hayes’ Storm Warning.] [Thanks, Lindsay!]

Oh, but wait! There’s more!

So, today my friend Jim Rubart and his partner Thomas Umstattd of Novel Marketing had a Facebook Live Event to promote their new Patreon subscription service. Hullo! For what Jim says is the price of a coffee, y’all can join and get ah-mazing perks like freebies and discounts and access and such. What do they teach? Oh, just a little bit of marketing skills for indie writers. Huh. Imagine that. [Jim says give up one coffee a month. I told him that’s sacrilege. I’ll give up a fast food meal instead.]

Yeah. Totally. #itsasign.

Frankly, My Dear . . . : Be Your Own Hero

Frankly, My Dear . . . : Be Your Own Hero

So, This Girl pulled on her Big Girl Boots that were made for walking, and walked all the way to her laptop and finished rewriting Chapter One. Which is now Chapters 1-4.

And since y’all have been so patient with me (and because, let’s be honest, I need to amp up my marketing game), I’m gifting you the rewrite of NOLA, Chapter One. Just click on the link to get your PDF and start reading.

Your reader self will thank you for it.

With some keys to tap and shoes to fill,
Happy NOLA-ing.
~Molly Jo

And Frankly, My Dear . . . : That’s all she wrote!

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