Ten Foods I Love Beyond Reason

This is a list of my Ten Go-To Foods. No matter what mood or environment I’m in, if you offer me a bite of any of these, chances are I’ll take more than my fair share.

Some of these are specific foods, some are restaurants. All are my favorite. Period!

1. My Mom’s Eggsalad sandwiches. Try as I might, I have never been able to perfectly duplicate this wonderful spread. Knowing how much I love and adore it, my mom has made it the staple to welcome me back “home” whenever I’ve been away for any length of time on trips or not feeling well.

2. Coffee. Indeed. Good, strong, flavorful coffee. I make a Downtown Disney run once a year to stock up. I own a Keurig. I. Am. a. Coffee. Snob. And I embrace it!

3. The Bella Trattoria at the historic Mission Inn in Riverside, CA. It’s where I first enjoyed the flavors of the fatted calf by indulging my palate on their veal lasagna. And for dessert, their tiramisu was exquisite.

My date with Bocelli.

4. Chocolate. Dark chocolate. Wonka chocolate. Hershey’s, Wilton, and Scharffen Berger. These are all my favorite chocolates.

5. Popcorn. I love salty snacks in general: potato chips, pretzels, crackers… but I’m a mostly a popcorn addict. I love it so much! You can never have too much popcorn. Even when you’ve had too much.

6. Doo-Dads. The original Chex Mix recipe, with a few Mojo alterations. I’m the lucky one (seriously!) who makes batch after batch after batch for my family during the holidays. Of course, I make plenty for us here at home as well!

7. Brussel sprouts. Yes, I’m serious! I love to take a frozen bag from the grocer, steam them on the stove top, then load them up with melted butter, salt and pepper. I can eat a whole 16- or 24-oz bag by myself, which is good, because Dot hates them. That’s okay, I say! More for me!

8. Rice. Especially since I got my Aroma 6-cup Rice Cooker a few months ago. Rice, rice, rice. I add it to my soups. I eat it plain or with a few seasonings. I enjoy it under salmon, chicken, and vegetables. I. Love. Rice.

9. Salmon. Whenever I go to any sit-down restaurant, I love to order salmon. Blackened Salmon is my favorite. I have several recipes for cooking salmon at home. It’s the only fish that Dot eats, and that makes me happy. Steamed, broiled, fried, or charred… salmon is the tastiest, healthiest food for me!

10. Any restaurant that tries to be authentically Italian: Carino’s, Olive Garden, Romano’s Macaroni Grill… if it serves great wine, breadsticks, and tiramisu then I want to eat there. Often. As much as possible.

What’s on your plate?

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  1. Elisa hendricks

    Tiramisu is the bomb ;)

    • Molly Jo

      Especially at the Bella Trattoria!


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