Ten Places to Travel To

This section has my list of Ten Places to Travel To.

I’ve either been to these places, or someday will travel there.

At this time, this page is still in progress. But feel free to click on the links to be taken to posts/writings I’ve already done about these great places.

Happy Trails to You! (And me!)

1.  Disneyland (My Day at Disneyland).
2.  The Mission Inn
3.  The Queen Mary
4.  Las Vegas (What Happens in Vegas…).
5.  Italy
6.  Hawaii
7.  Washington, D.C.
8.  New York City (When I Get To New York).
9.  Canada [was: Europe. Replaced 08.06.2011]
10. Route 66

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  1. Kate Evans

    No Toronto? There are way too many places I want to see for me to make a list of only ten. Right now my list is pretty much anywhere that’s not Connecticut, I need to get out and see something new.

  2. Jenn

    I would switch Irland for Hawaii.


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