My 2016 Words of the Year: Change. Perspective.

Do y’all know me? Do you know you how I like my stability and security? You do? So it’s a surprise then, right, that change is my word for the year? Maybe it should be perspective but that only allows for a view shift. I think change is more dynamically inclusive of the unknown or irregular. And it gets the heart beating a little better.

Yeah. It surprises me too. I’m the one who likes to know things. I can go with the flow only so long as I know where the flow goes.

Change is fluid. It doesn’t have … read the rest. . .

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Frankly, My Dear… had a facelift. And a tummy tuck. And, well, pretty much a complete chassis overhaul. Inn’t she purtty? From the inner workings to the aesthetic design, I am overwhelmed at the difference between yesterday and today.

While yesterday I had a blog… today I have The Blog. Designed to tie in with the New Inklings Press website, FMD is growing up. I’m amazed at the difference a few subtle and not-so-subtle changes can make.

I’d love to say I had the help of a great web designer, but the truth is, I made a few suggestions and … read the rest. . .

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Mojo Book Review: “The Last Battle” by C.S. Lewis

Reading time: 2 days

What I loved best: All of it. Seriously.

This isn’t really a book review, because I can’t give much away for those who have yet to read it. Even in my other Narnian reviews, I gave a few things away.

I put off reading this, because it’s the last book in the series. And I knew it meant the end. In fact, the very first sentence starts, “In the last days of Narnia…”

It was very bittersweet to me. I just did not want my reading journey to end. Yes, they’re written as children’s books, but … read the rest. . .

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New Inklings Press

New Inklings Press is the name of my new company. My new company. My. Company.


I have a business license. A bank account. A binder to keep every bit of important paperwork. My website will be up and running within a few days. And today the local newspaper is running my Fictitious Business Name.

How. Awesome. Is. That?

I am now licensed to publish, edit, write; and get paid for it. Of course, these business steps didn’t enable me to be able to do so. I’ve been doing those things (minus the actual publishing) for quite some time … read the rest. . .

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Mojo Book Review: “The Silver Chair” by C.S. Lewis

Reading Time: 3 days
[but admittedly, I started three weeks ago, read one day then didn’t pick it up again until yesterday.]

What I loved best: With each new adventure into Narnia comes new characters and creatures. Puddlegum was a great addition to the Children’s endeavors. (And with my current affinity for frogs, I loved his description which I believe to be part scarecrow, part frog). I also loved that Aslan kept showing the way, even when the characters were lost, or belligerent, or forgetful. He kept His patience, and continued to remind them of their important tasks.

The Lady … read the rest. . .

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