Being Me.

I’m just sitting here and this sudden, invasive thought came to me:
The Complicated and I looked so good together on paper. He was everything I thought I wanted, except for one big “check” on “the list”.
But once I got to the depths of who we were together, for each other, I knew it wouldn’t work and I broke it off. I know I broke his heart and for that I’m sorry. But I also know staying with him would have destroyed me completely. I know he now hates me and thinks I led him on or used him.… read the rest. . .

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The First Step

Consider this your nudge.

It’s time to get moving.

One way or another, it’s time to get moving.

Get out of your own way, and just step. Just once. And then once more.

Do it. Do it and you’ll be amazed.

Do it.

Take that first step.

This is your nudge.

Know how I know? I’ve been nudged myself lately.

I’m familiar with the comfortable. Comfortable with the familiar. But it’s time to get moving.

Whatever it is, take that first step.

Success stories don’t just happen. Those scars are earned. These badges are claimed. People don’t just hand them … read the rest. . .

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I Wore a Dress. And I Wore a Hat.

A few posts ago, I wrote about watching Under the Tuscan Sun and how I desperately want the white dress.

Well. I bought myself a dress. It’s not white. There’s no black belt. Am I’m a few sizes bigger than Diane Lane. But I bought a dress.

And I love it.

I wore it for the first time today.

I’ve struggled with my hair since getting it cut last week. Melanie always does such an amazing job. But I couldn’t duplicate the salon style in my own home. Then we caught The Great Gatsby at the theater this weekend, … read the rest. . .

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Permission to Write

I have admittedly held back from giving myself over to my best writings. Some themes, like a good shoot-’em-up cop drama or a Stephen King-esque, while I enjoy reading and watching, are not something I want to really wrap my head around. I can’t bring myself to allow myself to get that deep into such a mindset so as to write an acclaimed novel. I don’t want to know the inner thinkings of a serial killer or even a regular thief. I don’t want mystical dark details in my head. Not as a rule of thumb.

Writing for God means … read the rest. . .

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The other day I was driving on Main Street when I came upon a slow moving car, following a slow bulldozer trying to make its way in traffic. The three of us, and others, stopped in line for a red light.

That’s when I saw it.

The license plate.

The vanity plate.

It wasn’t anything special. And it took me a moment to figure it out.

And then I realized. I’ve seen that plate before. On a different vehicle. Years ago.

And then I realized…

It must be driven by one of them. A member of that family; hisread the rest. . .

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