“Oh, The Places You’ll Go!”

This is my new Samsonite carry-on suitcase. I picked it up last week during Kohl’s super sale.

I was so excited I posted the photo to my NOLA Facebook group. As I started keying in the description, the realization of why this suitcase is so important became clear.

At the store, I thought it was just a nice suitcase, in a nice color. But I didn’t really need it.  It wasn’t really necessary.

But I was wrong. So very wrong.

I have a suitcase set. Remember my red Disney suitcase? The one that the airport lost on the way read the rest. . .

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NaBloPoMo for April 2: What Was the First Poem You Ever Memorized?

That’s a tough question. A very tough question. Because I’m pretty sure before I learned to talk, I learned poetry. My mom was, and still is, an avid reader. She read to me since birth. As I’ve often blogged about her, she’s instilled my love of words. I’m fairly certain that I recognized poetry and prose long before I “knew” anything about them.

I can’t be sure that I correctly recall the first poem I ever memorized, but The Itsy Bitsy Spider comes to mind. That, and perhaps any rhyme from Winnie the Pooh.

And Dr. Seuss. Dr. Seuss rocks! … read the rest. . .

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