Season Five

FLASHPOINT Season Five premieres tonight. In Canada.

Not here in the U.S. Not until mid-October for us.

If you’ve followed me for any length of time, you know that there are few things better than FLASHPOINT. Starbucks. Cooking. Writing. Family. And God. That about sums me up.

I’ve been trying all day to come with a grabbing post, something to really draw you in and win me the Nobel Prize. And I have many topics in my head.

But all I can get my head around is how lucky Canada is.

And Frankly, My Dear… that’s all she wrote!

You … read the rest. . .

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Yep. Reality is sinking in… this is the last week of full cast shooting for the greatest drama on television. We’ve yet to even start viewing Season Five, but that is just a small offset of the somber mood we’re in over at FPTOne and Twitter.

And I’m not even officially associated with the show.

I’m just a fan. Who’s made friends with many other fans.

That’s part of the attraction of Flashpoint: the draw into a community where people really relate to each other. Really talk with each other. Really celebrate the wins. And really share the pain of … read the rest. . .

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Stream of Consciousness Sunday

It’s not really Sunday for me. But it is for you. I’m writing this now because I’m still (will be still) on Retreat.

I’m watching FLASHPOINT episodes on my DVR. It’s so bittersweet. I can directly relate so much of my life before-and-after FLASHPOINT. Before, I wanted to write. I watched TV. I didn’t really talk to strangers online. After, I am a writer. I am committed to my writing. And I’ve made so many friends through FPTO. People I’ve never actually met, but who are nicer to me than some real people I know/knew.

I deleted some friends from … read the rest. . .

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It’s been two days since FLASHPOINT announced the end of production after Season 5. It’s been a whirlwind of emotions, tears, and even some fun among the Family.

Knowing what it means to me, I’ve received some nice check-in’s from those who are worried about my reactions. Can you blame them?

It’s hard to fathom the slow death of our beloved show. Hard to come to terms with the end of something so wonderful, so groundbreaking and so endearing.

It’s been two days since the announcement, and we’re all still in a state of shock. And not sure what to … read the rest. . .

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The Long Goodbye: What FLASHPOINT Means to Me

Last night I posted The Long Goodbye: Flashpoint to End After Season Five. I spent the majority of the evening online via Facebook and twitter. I spent the majority of the day coming to terms with the news.

To those who say, “It’s just a television show,” I say this: You’ve obviously never really watched it. Not really. Because if you had, if you had joined us on Facebook or twitter, you would know.

It’s not just a show. It’s not just an online community. It’s a family.

It’s a part of my family. And I’m a part of read the rest. . .

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