Lessons Learned: The World Series Edition

  1. Sometimes luck is all you need.
  2. Sometimes, luck will get you through the door but skill will keep you going.
  3. You can’t win ’em all.
  4. But you should always try.
  5. Just because you were good once, doesn’t mean you still are.
  6. Keep your eye on the prize.
  7. Don’t be distracted by the glamour.
  8. You can’t hit if you don’t swing: take the chance!
  9. Greatness is a heritage for some and a moment for others.
  10. Sometimes, the job is to succeed. Sometimes, the job is just to move.
  11. Hurts happen.
  12. It’s never okay to take your frustrations out on someone else.
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Lessons Learned: The Writer Edition

  1. Writing is different than being a Writer.
  2. Inspiration is everywhere. If you know a Writer, your story will be told. Somehow, somewhere, you will be immortalized in Story.
  3. To write well, it’s important to read.
  4. Reading well includes a variety of genres, sources, and methods.
  5. Social media can definitely be a form of writing.
  6. Social media can, but shouldn’t, be a distraction.
  7. Being a Writer includes studying, researching, and daydreaming.
  8. Writers do not vacation for long periods of time on sandy beaches or in cozy ski lodges.
  9. Writers dream about vacationing for long periods of time on sandy beaches or
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Lessons Learned: Afterthoughts of Being Stalked [Sept. 14, 2012]

In the aftermath of the incident from yesterday’s post, I’ve had time to reflect on what happened. I received a lot of encouraging comments and support. This post is a collage of my later thoughts, reactions, and observances.

  1. Don’t be afraid of the Ugly Words. It’s okay to say, out loud, “I’m being stalked.” “Take me seriously.” and “This is not good.” Even when it feels foolish. Even when a part of you wants to think this is just a mistake, a misunderstanding. It’s okay, and even right, to say the Ugly Words out loud.
  2. Take it for what
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Lessons Learned: The Creepy Movie Edition (June 18, 2012)

Dot and I watched one of her favorite movies tonight: Hide & Seek with Robert De Niro and Dakota Fanning. It’s one of those movies that still make us jump or hold our breath or scream. No matter how many times we watch it.

In true MomDot fashion, we opted to bring a little levity to the day by over-analyzing the movie. What follows are some of today’s observations, thrown in with those that are just general knowledge.

1. Creepy movies are always better when you have someone to watch with.

2. Creepy movies are always better in the dark.… read the rest. . .

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How to Help a Mourner

I guess this is sort of a “Lessons Learned” post in reverse. Not so much lessons we’ve learned this last week, but more of a “What To Do” if you’re ever in the situation yourself.

One week ago, Dot’s boyfriend of over two and half years passed away. In the week since, we continue to experience an amass of emotions and while some people have been wonderfully considerate, we’ve had some experiences that could have been avoided.

This post is dedicated to helping people on the outside understand how they can (and can’t) help someone in mourning.

  • Ask us what
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