All I Want For Christmas

Here it is. My blog list for Christmas. This is what I really, really, really want for Christmas. For every one of you (and yes, I mean every single one of you!) to comment on this post and let me (and the other readers know) the answers to these 12 Questions of Christmas:

1.What holiday(s) do you celebrate this time of year?

2. What present do you really want this year?

3. What’s the best gift you ever received?

4. What’s your favorite Christmas movie?

5. What’s your favorite holiday meal?

6. What traditions, new and old, do you have?… read the rest. . .

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My Thanksgiving List

I originally had a post scheduled for today in which I uncharacteristically vented my woes of unemployment. But that’s a bandwagon I really don’t want to jump on.

I like to think of myself as an optimist, and as hard as life can be at times, it can always be worse. And I don’t like to dwell in the dregs.

So, I deleted my uncharacteristically woeful post and have decided, instead, to announce all the things I am incredibly thankful for. On Facebook, I’ve seen some friends post their “25 Days of Thanksgiving” since November 1st. While I haven’t posted … read the rest. . .

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