My Bottle of White Wine

Back in March, I celebrated my birthday with week’s worth of events. My favorite was the actual weekend of my birthday.

On Friday, some friends took me out to a local hot spot called The Wine Seller. We listened to live music, drank a little, conversed a lot. One of my closest friends, Mary, is a fellow writer. She’s older than I am, a fellow empty-nester. I sometimes call her “Mom” and she sometimes introduces me as her adopted daughter.

She gave me this beautiful Frog Prince pin.

We have much more in common than just writing, which makes her … read the rest. . .

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Lessons Learned: The Creepy Movie Edition (June 18, 2012)

Dot and I watched one of her favorite movies tonight: Hide & Seek with Robert De Niro and Dakota Fanning. It’s one of those movies that still make us jump or hold our breath or scream. No matter how many times we watch it.

In true MomDot fashion, we opted to bring a little levity to the day by over-analyzing the movie. What follows are some of today’s observations, thrown in with those that are just general knowledge.

1. Creepy movies are always better when you have someone to watch with.

2. Creepy movies are always better in the dark.… read the rest. . .

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My Favorite Christmas Movie

It’s a Wonderful Life.

Yes, I know it’s June.
Yes, I know you’re all shaking your heads and wondering if I’m having a nutty.

But I’ve had this movie in my laptop DVD player since Tuesday night.
And I’ve been watching it.
And I love it.

This has become my favorite Christmas movie. The Christmas movie. The one I have to watch each year. Sure, I have my Top Ten. Those movies that I bring out the Day After Thanksgiving and watch at some point within the next 30 days.

But It’s a Wonderful Life is the one that I … read the rest. . .

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How to Survive a Midnight Movie Premiere

It’s that time of year again: Summer Blockbusters are already starting to play at theaters across the nation, and with some of them comes the Great Adventure known as the Midnight Movie Premiere.

For the seasoned professional, this experience is more than just a two-hour outing. But for the novice, it can be a bit overwhelming. And that’s why I’m offering these useful tips:


  • Sleep. At some point, your body will mandate this. It doesn’t matter where or when, but if you don’t plan for it, you may find yourself snoring a snoozefest and
read the rest. . .
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“I Just Want to Eat My Stinkin’ Food!”

We all have those moments in life that seem so benign at the time, but leave a very lasting impression. This is the story of such a moment.

Remember Berry Sunshine’s Cat Antics from a while ago? Here’s one from many years ago.

We were living in our small apartment and I had hosted dinner for a few friends. Because the dinner table only seated four and there were five of us altogether, I allowed my daughter to eat at her snack table while watching television.

The meal was great: meatloaf and scalloped potatoes. I served up my daughter’s plate … read the rest. . .

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