My Perfect Valentine’s Day

by Molly Jo Realy @MollyJoRealy

My Perfect Valentine’s Day
(Or, How I Embraced My Independent Singleness and Lived My Love Out Loud)


NOLA NOTE: Before we get into today’s post, I’m pleased to announce NOLA second draft is now at the editor’s desk (not mine!), and I’ve hired a book designer who is currently designing the cover, internal layout, and eBook specs. I don’t have a firm pub date yet, but it will be soon-ish! I’d love to have y’all join my private Facebook group for more information, memes, and all-around fun. You can join on Facebook by clicking read the rest. . .

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My Two-Inch Peacock

I have a two-inch peacock and he’s only visible through my story window. I’m not crazy. I’m a writer.

This month, I’m reading Bird by Bird by Anne Lamott. If you’re serious about being a writer, or just like a well-told narrative, this is that book. I’m nearly a quarter through, and loving every page, every paragraph, every sentence.

Now here’s something you may not know about me: I’m a perfectionist when it comes to my writing and media. I want it to always be right. I don’t want just the end result to be perfect, I want it … read the rest. . .

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The Adventures of Will Power and the Search for Christmas

Will Power was excited. It was the time of year when the world was abuzz about winter, Christmas, and Santa Claus. Will Power had heard about Santa Claus and looked forward to meeting him.

He sat down to write out his wish list.
But he soon found himself overwhelmed.
In this season of good cheer and gift giving, it didn’t feel right to ask for so much for himself. But the world said it was okay.
He was at a loss.


Everywhere he turned, there was always something more to want. The world kept telling him so. He needed … read the rest. . .

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