Will Power was excited. It was the time of year when the world was abuzz about winter, Christmas, and Santa Claus. Will Power had heard about Santa Claus and looked forward to meeting him.

He sat down to write out his wish list.
But he soon found himself overwhelmed.
In this season of good cheer and gift giving, it didn’t feel right to ask for so much for himself. But the world said it was okay.
He was at a loss.


Everywhere he turned, there was always something more to want. The world kept telling him so. He needed this and needed that. He must want everything, and if he didn’t want or need it, he certainly should know someone who did.

There was so much glitter, so much shine, so much of so much… he felt like this Christmas was just a Carousel going ’round and ’round and he wasn’t sure how to make it stop.

He just knew there had to be more to Christmas than getting gifts, and went in search of it.

He found a Christmas Tree. It was tall and beautifully decorated. It urged him to “believe”, but he still wasn’t sure what to believe in.


He needed help. He found himself wandering, wondering; and hoping for help.

Soon he came upon a gathering. It was a simple display. The kind that invited attention through its lack of fanfare. There was something very special. Very special, indeed.

He studied. There were no great light displays. No special sales or advertising or promises of ease and comfort. It was quiet. It was peaceful. And it was the most personal Gift he could ever need.

And in the peace, and quiet, and humility of a perfect baby being born in less than perfect conditions to a less than perfect world, Will Power understood.

It’s not about the gifts you get. It’s about the Gift that was given.

He raced home as fast as he could to finish His letter. But instead of asking Santa for anything, he had a much better idea in mind:

From our house to yours, a very Merry Christmas.

And Frankly, My Dear… that’s all she wrote!

Angry Christmas (or was it Awesome?)
Christmas Eve 2011
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