You’re either screaming out loud, “Ohmagosh, YES!!” or scratching your head in wonder.
FPTO (say it with me: “Fip-Toe”) is the Emerald City for those of us who know good great television.

My date with Bocelli.


Flashpoint is to TV what The Godfather is to movies. What Frank Sinatra and Andrea Bocelli are to music. What tiramisu is to dessert…

In other words, it’s not “just” a show.



Flashpoint is, of course, the greatest cop drama around. And I’m not just saying that. Yes, I’m addicted to the show. But that’s not the point. The point is, why?

Well, I’m so glad you asked…

There are some good, I mean really good cop shows on TV right now. I still never miss an episode of CBS’s NCIS or Blue Bloods. But Flashpoint takes the cake. It’s not just good writing. It’s astounding writing. It’s not just sets and designs. It’s sights and real streets and locations. The script is always dynamic, yet always plausible. And the actors are amazing performers.

And when I say “performers”, I don’t mean celebrity. These guys aren’t in it for the glory. That’s just a wonderful by-product. They don’t just read a script. They don’t just act. You can see what I mean by catching Amy Jo Johnson (“Jules”) and Michael Cram (“Wordy”) in performance tonight in Toronto.

And that’s not the only public sighting. If you’re lucky enough to live in or around Toronto, you may also be lucky enough to cross paths with the Team when they’re out and about filming an episode.


Time after time, interview articles and fan-spotting have relegated us with words and phrases like “super friendly!”, “nice”, “attentive”, “feels like family”.

Sure, you’re thinking. The press is going to spin everything with rose-colored glasses just to get viewers. It can’t all be that great.

Oh, no? Enter FPTO. FPTO is the little acronym more commonly known as Flashpoint Team One: the official producer’s page on Facebook. And not just official. Authentic. Friendly. Nice. Attentive. And yes, it feels like family. With almost 7,000 “likes” (read: official facebook fans), it’s a community like no other. Fans come and post any and everything. But the best part? FPTO responds. FPTO knows that without their fans, the show is nothing. And they acknowledge us with interactions, shout-outs, and even the occasional gift. (Check out this awesome swag they sent me: an autographed poster!)


FPTO is the place to discuss who held their breath the longest during the most recent heart-pounding episode. How long until each episode premieres? (Here’s something: Canada doesn’t have it’s own timezone. Just in case you were a little flakey at times, and thought they did, like me).

Of course, I’m a broken record with some of this. You’ve heard me say it before. But the FPTO community is also family for the fans. It’s where we relate, and not just about the page.

The page, like the show, is just the catalyst: uniting people with a common base. The producers know not only how to put together a great script and great actors. They know not only how to create a great show.

They know how to create a great community. It’s where we see whose kids dressed up for Halloween. How Kate fared after a week of no electricity following the Nor’Easter. How every day life is among us who have this love for the show.

Wanna join in? C’mon, then! Show them some “like”. Join them over at Facebook. Flashpoint Team One.
They Have the Solution.

*I am by no means an official spokesperson for Flashpoint or FPTO. I just happen to really love the show and the facebook community. I have not been paid or rewarded in any way for my blogging efforts. The poster above was presented as part of their “Random Acts of Kindness Week” in early August, 2011 and was in no way construed as payment or exchange other than I am an active fan on their facebook page. Any fan has the same chance of being rewarded for their support. All opinions on this blog are my own.*

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