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As the lead-in suggests, this was a challenge through Writer’s Digest Community, to come up with a short story (750 words or less), based on their very short prompt: The sign said “No shirt, no shoes, no service”—but that didn’t matter. He had to get inside.

The thought of a man being so determined so as to ignore the rules led me to wonder, what type of man would he be? I thought of the typical hero, the men of movies that we women dream about. Matt Damon and Harrison Ford came to mind. Jason Bourne. James Bond. Even a little touch of Batman and Superman. And then I thought, how could I change it up to be unpredictable? How can I tell the story of a Man who is so perfect, and so self-confident (or rebellious) that he would choose to ignore the rules, even those posted on a sign.

What is the story of a man so full of himself that nothing matters except him? Does he always get his way? Has anyone ever told him “no”? So I chose to write a humorous story; the pursuit of a leading man in love, with a surprise ending.

It wrote itself once I had the two characters and the first setting. I hope you enjoy it as much as I do.

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