Will Power. He’s one determined little bear!
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The Tall Grass



Will Power recently found himself overwhelmed. He felt he was stuck in the Tall Grass.




So many worries, so many cares. So many things to think about, when all he really wanted was to rest. The more he tried, the more wrapped up he became in his worries.

Help me! Help me!

He knew he needed a change, if not in situations, then in perspective. So he took a step back. He looked around and took a walk to clear his head. But he was still so consumed with concerns and the stresses of life that he couldn’t see his way clear of the heavy burdens he carried. The blessings he longed for were still just out of reach.

Blessings Out of Reach

There was only one thing to do: handle it. No matter what it would take, Will Power knew he had it in him to conquer.

First things first. He was smart enough to recognize he couldn’t do it alone. So he called for help from the One he knew could handle these things: the One who scared off those who kept trying to take Will Power’s blessings away. He was, of course, thinking of The Scarecrow.

Scarecrow to the Rescue

Letting the Big Guy Do The Work


As he gave his worries over for the Scarecrow to handle, he hid in the comfort of the colorful leaves.



It wasn’t long before the Scarecrow had chopped down the tall grass and made hay with it; showing Will Power that even the seemingly helpless situations can be handled one way or another.


Will realized there was so much more to life than worries and needs. That life indeed could be filled with fun and surprises, and even an abundance of blessings.

He took another look around him, and this time focused on what was beyond his immediate surroundings. He took a step, and another, and another.



And soon he found himself sitting atop the biggest blessings he could imagine, far more than he needed or could even manage.




Surrounded by his abundance, thinking about getting from where he was to where he is, and all those that helped him along the way… There was only one thing he could think of to do:

Give thanks, and share.

Basket of Blessings

From our house to yours, remember that whatever situation you find yourself in, it could always be worse, and you’re never alone.


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