by Molly Jo Realy @MollyJoRealy

Will Power and the Haunted House


This is the true story of Will Power. Will was given to me by my mom one year. I keep Will with me at all times, always within arm’s reach. Even so, sometimes I forget about Will Power.

I used to take Will Power to work with me every day. Will would keep me company as I drove to and from errands, took care of the house, spent time with my family, and faced things I’d rather run away from.



Will Power Close & Personal


This is Will. No, not the ghost who looks a bit like Casper. Look again. See, there he is: a tiny thing, to be sure. But just like Jiminy Cricket, his little presence certainly packs a punch.

Will is my reminder that I can do anything, be anyone, take care of whatever needs taking care of… and if I can’t, I can find someone who can!


This particular day, Will Power faced a deep internal struggle. There was a very scary place that he didn’t want to go to, but knew, for his healthy future, he had to… it was that Haunted House of a place known as

The Dentist’s Office. (insert terrifying horror-movie scream, here.)

As with any terrifying upcoming event, Will Power began to shake and wonder if maybe there was a way out of it; if perhaps, going to the dentist wasn’t as necessary as he was being told. Past experiences being what they were, this wasn’t the treat he was looking for. It didn’t take long before Will’s Hallowe’en costume resembled that of an ostrich with his head buried in the sand.

“Sand is okay,” he thought. “It’s earthy. It’s beachy. I can live with sand.” Until it got in his mouth. And aggravated him. A lot.

It wasn’t long before Will Power was faced with the determination that two hours in the chair was better than three months of endless pain. So he bit the bullet… or, would have, if his teeth had let him.

Will Power and I set the appointment. He thought it was apropo that, upon entering, there were cobwebs and scaries about. Yes, it had been a while since our teeth were professionally cared for. But we fought our way in and decided to stay. At least for a while.

We were asked to come back, and while I didn’t care to, Will Power told me it was necessary, and he would not leave me alone. He went with me. He sat with me in the chair of noise, under the bright lights and creepy things. He whispered in my ear and held my hand; assuring me it would be over soon. I listened to nothing but him, saw nothing but him, and hummed a lullaby, just for him.

Until finally, the cobwebs were cleared out and we could exit the Haunted House with a feeling of conquering, of accomplishment.

Like any good Haunted House, we’ll be back next year. But at least next time around, we’ll know what to expect. And we’ll floss out the cobwebs before we get there. We may even go in the off-season, only to find there’s nothing to really be afraid of.

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